Microfiber Beach Towels

  • Do they need to be washed first?

There is really no need to wash them first, unless you want to.  Key points for washing are:  use cool water and a gentle cycle but do not use fabric softener.


  • Are these towels really sand free?

They really are!  Sand will of course get onto the towel but it will not stick to it.  The beauty of microfiber is that it’s a smooth fabric and not porous so the sand can’t cling to it!


  • Why can’t I use fabric softener when washing these towels?

We recommend not using fabric softener because over time it will get stuck in the fibers and the towel will loose it’s effectiveness.  Also, our microfiber towels are so soft to the touch you really don’t need it.


  • After washing can you throw it in the drier?

Absolutely! But we suggest using a low heat, gently cycle.  If the weather permits you can always hang them out to dry in the fresh air. They are quick drying and it won’t take long.


  • Would you recommend using them to dry a dog?

Of course!  We use them for both of our furry friends.  Actually they work much better than their cotton alternatives because they are super absorbent.


  • Where are these made?

All of our products go through the same process.  Step 1. They are designed in the USA.  Step 2.  We audit several Chinese factories until we find the one which delivers the best quality.


  • You advertise “quick dry” what does that look like in actual time?

It really depends on how soaking wet it is.  Because they absorb a ton of water they could be loaded (think swim meet) or they could be casually used at the pool or the beach.  The reality is that they dry up 3 times faster then cotton towels.  So if it’s sunny and the towel is not soaking wet, 30 min or less should be sufficient.  If it’s humid add a little bit of time to that.


  • I’m going on a week long vacation and I won’t be able to wash my towel.  Will it hold up as far as odors?

This is hands down the best towel option for traveling. The obvious lightweight and compact features are a given BUT this towel does not need to be washed frequently!  Because it’s a thin material, it dries up quickly and never gets smelly.  Stinky towels are a thing if the past.


Beach Blankets

  • Does this material get hot and make you sweat?

This is a parachute nylon material which is breathable.  It does not heat up in the sun and it doesn’t make you sweat.  It is ideal for a day at the beach.


  • Is the storage bag attached to the blanket and how easy is it to put the blanket back inside?

The bag is actually sewed on to the blanket.  This way you will never lose it.  To put it back into the stuff sack is very easy.  You have 2 options:  You can neatly fold the blanket and put it back or you can simply stuff it back into the bag.  The choice is yours and both are easy to do!


  • Is this slippery when wet?

Not at all! The water beads up on it and can easily be brushed off or shaken off.  Also, It dries up super fast.


  • Can this be washed in the washer?

Yes, it can.  Use cold water, a gentle cycle and no fabric softener.  Once it’s washed, hang it out in the fresh air and allow it to air dry, it’ll be dry before you know it.


  • Is this light enough and small enough to fit in a carry on with some clothes and toiletries?

Absolutely!  It packs down small (think a couple of cans of soda) and is lightweight ( weighs less than a pound) which makes it ideal for traveling!


  • Does the sand pass through the blanket?

No. This is not that kind of beach blanket the sand falls through.  This is not a mesh material.  This beach blanket will keep you clean and tidy in the sense that the sand cannot stick to this material.  So with one quick shake or a brush of the hand you can remove it easily.


  • Does it come with corner anchors?

Actually it comes with 2 different types of corner anchors.  The corner pockets are designed to be filled with sand.  This will keep your blanket in place on the sand.  Even if it’s windy!   In addition there are 4 corner loops with 4 stakes (included) which keep your blanket in place if you are using it in on a solid surface (think grass).


Pocket Blankets

  • Does this feel like a plastic material?

Even though this is made from a nylon material and has a waterproof coating it is very soft to the touch.  It is not crinkly or noisy like a tarp and it is odorless.  Overall it is a comfortable material.


  • Does this blanket come with pegs?

Yes it does.  It comes with 4 corner loops and pegs used for solid surfaces like grass and has 4 corner pockets which can be filled with sand if used on the beach.  The blanket will stay in place even if it’s windy.


  • Is it easy to fold back into its carry bag?

Absolutely!  Because the material is so soft it easily folds back into its pouch. The pouch has a matching hanging hook which is ideal for latching on to any kind of bag/backpack.


  • If you put these on wet grass will the water come through?

It has a waterproof coating and will keep you dry even if the surface it’s laying on is wet.  So you can rest assured that you will stay dry and clean.


  • Is it machine washable?

We recommend washing it by hand.  This will keep your waterproof coating intact.  Use mild soap, no fabric softener and air dry.  It dries up very quickly.


  • How much does the pocket blanket and the carrying pouch weigh?

The blanket, including all the accessories weighs about 7 ounces.


  • What material is it made from?

The blanket is 100% polyester.


For more questions, contact us at customers@eccosophy.com!